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Fris en fruitig

Fresh an fruity. Relax fully with this calming massage to resume the day with fresh and fruity energy. Tis massage forms the baseline of all the massages at Amagdala. Without all the extra’s just simply enduldge in relaxmode. 

Uit het hoofd

Free from thinking. Are you always thinking and want to take smallsteps to be more aware of your body. Do you hold a lot of tension in your back schoulders and neck, then this massage is something for you. With attention and good communication we will relax the muscles in your upper body. Guided by your own breath and practicing with deepening this breath we create space to let the tension flow to your whole body. When the body shares the tension as a whole, it becomes more bearable and can be released better to resume your day more relaxed.

Booking a massage through this widget om my website helps me and gives you the option to pay online or by card on location.

Every massage is a chance to create more happiness within the body

Terug naar de basics

Back to the basics. Sometimes life can five us intense curveballs it could seem as if our body doesnt feel like home anymore. There is a longing to perspective because recovering takes time. Longterm stress, wrought -up , (emotional) burn-out, pain from the past thats triggered currently, gender dysphoria, long-covid, all can make us want to leave our body and just think our way out of it. With this massage I create a respectfull atmosphere to recognize where your body still feels like yours and might even feel like home and accept and nurture where it doesnt yet. Every small step gets to be celebrated.  

I encourage you to receive a few of this massages to monitor your path to home again. I am open to create a massage treatment in contact with a health care specialist.

The body whispers before it shouts.

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