Next level massage and bodywork

is a true journey of discovery through your body

Intended for:

Rational thinkers who are (among other things) looking for concrete basic techniques for stability and understanding in an ever-changing world.

Zweefteven* who are (among other things) looking for a sense of cocoon, slowing down and meeting each other in vunderability.


a long-term investment in yourself to create (even) more freedom and pleasure in your life with newly gained self-confidence.

Amagdala supports you in achieving your goals.

In the unlikely event that you are unable to come to your massage appointment or art class, you can reschedule it free of charge up to 24 hours in advance by e-mail. If this hasen’t happened, you are urgently requested to pay for your sceduled appointment or class.

*A zweefteef is a dutch slur. Directly translated to english it means ‘a floating bitch‘. With this term I mean esotherric souls who have a deeper wish to connect with their eherian earth body and get their feet back on the ground.

Amagdala Kanaalstraat 77-2 Amsterdam

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