Hakuna Matata at the zuidas

Beginning from 10 minutes of chairmassage a month.

Cause who doesn’t want to relax while the boss is still paying you🦁

Next to keeping you resellient and creative massage also creates more willpower with focus and clarity in your body. Something the whole office can benefit from.

What does Amagdala offer
Relaxingmassage, deep tissue and some playfull humor to keep balance. If you either choose for a soft touch or firm pressurepoint massage, Amagdala anticipates.

The in company charimassages are a maximum of 3 hours per visit. that will bring you an office of 4 – 12 happy and relaxed emplyees. Only for €90 an hour.

Whats in the name
Amagdala creates a tranquil oasis in your office. With a healthy balance of felt sense and common sense we create a fresh new start during your workweek.

Afford yourself a team who is able to step back to see the bigger picture, a clear focus on upcoming hurdles to take and give them flexibility on how to conquer them.

Amagdala Kanaalstraat 77-2 Amsterdam

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