About Amagdala mission and vision

As humans we are proud that we can think rationally and critically with our human brain. So proud that as humans we almost forget how intelligent and wise our body already is. Without this wonderful quality.

We are so much more than our rational thinking and want more and better.

Besides thinking there is feeling. Something that, in addition to pleasure, sometimes also causes discomfort. By growing, some discomfort disappears and that gives satisfaction. The question is, should we always want to strive for more? Keep growing, do something, how do we get to that new phase and when will it be enough now?

Often after some ambitious attempts to make a difference, the ambition shifts back and we feel further from home than when the desire to be better first emerged. Thought patterns become less resilient. Peeping and musing become more persistent and knots, tension and discomfort also arise in the body.

After ambition is exhausted, it often feels even worse than when we started

With Amagdala massage and bodywork I want to share a secret with you. The steps you can take and where you do have personal influence and make a difference are actually quite simple. Increasing your compassion brings you closer to yourself. It increases your physical intelligence and your intuition. And the more compassion you create for you, the more beautiful the world around you becomes. Just for free and for nothing you develop more eye for detail, pleasure in the things that really matter to you and it becomes easier to make those choices and move with your ambitious life goals.

Through massage and bodywork, the body is reacquainted. Where there is resistance, tension and blockages, they are met with compassion. You learn to develop or increase an extra vocabulary and a new spectrum of emotional sensations. Those extra skills give you space to make clear choices. These ‘softskills’ bring you back to your pure passion. It increases compassion for others and for yourself. And all that in addition to your rational analytical qualities. In short, more balanced.

With more compassion, the engine of pleasure increases, the pure passion you stand for.

Do you also think it’s time for a new chapter with more balance between rational and intuitive intelligence in the body, your body. And do you have the guts to look at your resistance (tension and discomfort), to question it with compassion and curiosity.

Do you have the guts to look at your resistance with compassion?

Let’s discover those sensations together through massage and bodywork. Observe them as new phenomenaes. Expect a wide range of techniques and grips that feel both mind blowing and increase a sense of security. You will be met both softly and with a lot of power.

Because I believe that when we have the courage to look beyond our rational knowledge, really curious to discover our own body, we can live even more authentically and powerfully. And you can be proud of being human again. This has a direct impact on your environment and reassures you that you are doing everything you can to create a better world.


Masseur, body worker and artist

Inmense proud (you know, with feathers and all) of what my perseverance taught me, I am doing now, what I always dreamed of. Making people feel the most beautiful version of themselves. Through detours through art acedemy, catering work, visual arts teacher in secondary education and childcare, I soon knew I wanted to work with people and support them while finding their source of livelihood. Their happiness, fun and desire to create whatever they want.

I soon knew I wanted to work with people and support them while finding their source of existence. Happiness, fun and desire to create whatever they want.

In doing so, I got to know my own body in a different way and slowly began to understand my fears, resistance, tension and discomfort. Because of how life was given to me, I have had no words for everything I felt for a long time and so often I felt misunderstood. As a result of which, in addition to a maelstrom of thoughts I created a rich fantasy world to flee to. The world seemed more like hell to me as a child than something beautiful. Intense, haha yes! Fortunately, I grew up in a religious foster family and was allowed to think critically about this myself. Soon my thoughts went, go away with that bearded man on a cloud. If so, it’s not for me. The idea of manufacturability developed and decided to link the concept of heaven on earth to it. A thought full of privilege I now realize, yet this conviction has saved me many times over.

As a child, the world seemed more like a hell to me than a beautiful thing

After years of psychotherapy, EMDR, subjects within social work studies and ‘what not’ within regular mental health care. In my late twenties I got n touch with bodywork. There was a big taboo on this in my environment. which I had the chance to break. Curious as I am and really dissatisfied with the life I had chosen, I jumped into the scary deep end. With mindfulness, meditation, conceptual therapy, Mensendieck, yoga, massage therapy, I became even more curious. I wanted to learn how to give massages myself and dived into holistic massage therapy, did in-depth training and retreats within bodywork and psychology. To develop myself even better as a professional I followed the transformation training at the Nederlands Instituut of Core Energetics. September 2023 I will start the 4 year program as a body oriented psychotherapist at this institute.

Fortunately, you can also unlearn a lot of what you learn ✨

Even in everyday life I started doing the works to develop a new lifestyle. Appreciating and cuddling animals, smiling in the mirror, researching with energy and body heat, patience and a lot of reading.

Now years later, I am so much further than I ever dared to dream. As an adult I was able to learn to create my own feeling of home in myself and in my surroundings. Where people used to hear my words as abracadabra, I have learned to make myself be understood by the outside world. My foster family is finally starting to understand me as well and loves me dearly and I love them. My biological half-sister feels more like a friend, I have friends who feel ike a special gift to me. My fears, resistance, tension and discomfort have not disappeared 100%. That would be a utopian idea. However, my focus on how I deal with the situations has changed. There is strength and compassion to bear powerlessness and to live beyond shame and victimization. Fortunately, the goal is not to be perfect.

With all this experience and knowledge I am curious about your story. Let’s meet and create a beautiful world together.